KAHLA Household Porcelain

Individual design, high functionality and a focus on environmental sustainability are the characteristics of KAHLA household porcelain. Founded in Germany in 1844, KAHLA household porcelain is being exported to over 40 countries today. More than 70 international design awards underscore KAHLA household porcelain's success story.

"I have loved porcelain ever since I was a child. It is a wonderful material, which is shaped into objects that are part of our daily lives. To rediscover it time and again is a pleasure. The idea of Centuries was to reinterpret trusted motifs and textures and to integrate them into porcelain concepts for the present day. This isn't your standard dinner service. It's a colourful selection of beautiful objects that enrich their users with endless possible combinations." (Barbara Schmidt, designer of the KAHLA Centuries line.)

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